BMW B47D20U0 Tuning (F-series)

BMW B47D20U0 Tuning (F-series)

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The B47C20U0 engine is mounted in transversal direction, quiet unlikely for BMW. However this is no downside at all.
The engine produces 150hp & 330Nm (245ft-lb) and power is transmitted through an 8 speed automatic gearbox made by Aisin. Or is sent to the wheels by an six speed manual gearbox.
For sure the power gain with DITUPA tuning is significant and makes the car much more lively.

The DITUPA-App supports tuning the engine control unit on the transversal mounted engines (can be recognized by the letter C within the engine name).
Due to technical limitations to the current date there is no possibility to alter the automatic transmission data, so we decided to offer only one type of licence regardless the gearbox type.

available tuning stages



Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs im Serienzustand.


Stage 1


Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs.


Stage 2


Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs.


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3. Motorsteuergerät tunen

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4. Getriebesteuergerät tunen