BMW B47D20U0 Tuning (F-series)

BMW B47D20U0 Tuning (F-series)

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The B47D20K0 engine is a so called "detune" version of the 18d engine.
It delivers 116hp and 270Nm (200ft-lbs), although the parts are fully identical to the parts used in the 18d engine, which produces 150hp & 360Nm (265ft-lbs) from factory.
With the DITUPA tuning you easily can unleash the power potential of your engine and will make your noticeably more fun.

The DITUPA-App supports tuning engine- and gearbox-control-modules.
Unleashing full power potential of your car requires the gearbox flash tune as well. Using the DITUPA gearbox tune will satisfy you with real driving pleasure while maintaining a maximum of reliability.

available tuning stages



Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs im Serienzustand.


Stage 1


Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs.


Stage 2


Boost-Leistung: 205PS/430Nm

Kurzfristig bis zu 15 Sekunden verfügbar.

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3. Motorsteuergerät tunen

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4. Getriebesteuergerät tunen