BMW N57D30U0 Tuning (F-series)

BMW N57D30U0 Tuning (F-series)

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gearbox type
It's called the 25d, but has indeed three liters of displacement.
We're talking about the N57D30U0.
This engine has significant tuning potential.
Only the ZF 8HP45 automatic transmission limits the maximum achievable torque to 680Nm (500ft-lb).
Thanks to common parts from the N57D30O0, this engine is one of the most tuning-friendly engines on the market.

The DITUPA-App supports tuning engine- and gearbox-control-modules.
Unleashing full power potential of your car requires the gearbox flash tune as well. Using the DITUPA gearbox tune will satisfy you with real driving pleasure while maintaining a maximum of reliability.

available tuning stages



Dauerleistung des Fahrzeugs im Serienzustand.


Stage 1


Boost-Leistung: 300PS/650Nm

Kurzfristig bis zu 15 Sekunden verfügbar.

Stage 2


Boost-Leistung: 320PS/680Nm

Kurzfristig bis zu 15 Sekunden verfügbar.

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3. Motorsteuergerät tunen

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4. Getriebesteuergerät tunen